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A landing page is often assumed like a one way conversation, filled with boring and irrelevant information. But we proved that landing page can be very useful marketing tool and a critical component of lead generation. Papadent is one of the best dental clinics in the region, serving domestic and international clients. That’s why the modern and dynamic design was developed in close cooperation with Perfectorium.

Aims and objectives of this project:

  1. To develop a landing page with a strong call for action;
  2. To design user friendly interface;
  3. To create different page examples according to usability rules.


Content Strategy
Systems Architecture
Systems Integration

The website visitors can easily move through the content. The updated page is adaptive – designed and optimized for different devices with different display resolution. We combined the intuitive navigation with a clear design and as a result customers can easily navigate the site and also make an enquiry. New landing page satisfied customers request and their prospects & clients surely will like it.

– Fresh, clean & dynamic design;

– Responsive site structure serves the visitors on every device with ease.

Customer review:

“Thanks to Perfectorium Studio for designing our landing page. The new design definitely met our expectations, and the support we have received has been great. Wishing all the best to you!”

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