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React report

8 December 2017 Author:

Our modern world is developing by leaps and bounds. Among other spheres IT is the most progressive and booming. A huge amount of technologies and tools for solving various problems and business issues are appearing. Read more →

Main trends of WWDC 2017

20 June 2017 Author:

Apple conducts WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) in the middle of June every year . Where it shows its products, primarily software. This year they’ve showed several technologies which set the trend for mobile development for 2017. Read more →

Greedy-guts pays double price?

25 May 2017 Author:

Or what is the difference between cheap and more expensive website? What is the reason for expensive or high than average price for website development? We can consider different aspects, but the most important reason is time, and as everyone knows- time is money. Read more →

Objective-C or Swift? What is the thing of the future?

11 May 2017 Author:

Apple is a company that produces unique goods that usually make a revolution in the area of customer devices. Its success, like any other IT giant, increasingly depends on programmers and engineers. Read more →

CMS or constructor

7 April 2017 Author:

Not long ago, I’ve got a message from my client: “ I wanna to create a website. But we have some doubts, cause we can’t still make a choice between CMS and constructor. What would you advise us?” Read more →

Mobile first Design approach

30 March 2017 Author:

At least 75% of users all over the world use their mobile devices for web searching. Design of websites for mobile device is not something secondary anymore – it requires more attention than we used to think. Read more →