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13 September 2016

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The social media platform has attracted more than 2 billion active users every day. Each year, the numbers keep increasing at a brisk clip that is estimated to be 25%. Recent research shows that at least 9 of 10 US companies are active on the social media platform. There have been a lot of new trends since the inception of online marketing. While many people used to flock websites to read and learn details, new trends have proved that many people log into social media sites to watch videos, with another smaller percentage opting to listen to audio content.

Website visual design highly appeals to customers. People are attracted to pictures and videos. Only a few take enough time to read and internalize on the contents. In fact, research shows that those who go to the deeper analysis of website contents are scholars doing reach. Most people do what we call content scanning as they download and watch videos. You need to reflect and think of how your company looks online. The appearance off your adverts and company info can sell or break your company at the same time. You may have factual, authentic, detailed and highly supported informant and wonder why people do not show interest in liking your contents. We are here to offer you a secret that you do not know. Content is very important, but people need entertainment much as they need to be informed. You need to think of uploading educative as well as funny videos that will keep them entertained.

Research shows that 60% of social media users prefer to watch videos. These may include How to video, DO-It-Yourself video, Medical, lifestyle, health and many others. 30% of people prefer to take time and read while 10% enjoy listening to audio files. In 2016 alone, more than 5 million well-established companies and other groups have uploaded about 8 million videos. Our research proves that these companies have received a large following as they manage to place their advertisements in between and announce company special occasions. The future of online is slowly changing to a video platform medium of communication. In 2000, about 5% of companies preferred using videos as a way of communicating, informing or entertaining viewers. Fast forward to 2016, some companies do not even care much about too much-written information. They simply offer their viewers quality videos with the right information.

In conclusion, the last 4 years have seen an outburst of online videos. The videos are driven by technician initiatives and improvements from sites like Facebook, Instagram, and twitter. The world is now moving to what web designers call visual storytelling formats. Consumers are embracing video in an alarming way. How your company looks online is dictated by these variables. This is the future we ought to embrace and believe that change is as good as rest.


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