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1 December 2016

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One of the big challenges in creating a great website that is both attractive and functional is an inherent problem that design and content do not always go hand-in-hand.

Not all website design methods are fruitful when text and function are given a priority; however, it is also important that an internet presence look good enough to attract and retain visitors. This is one of the most important reasons that those workers who are commissioned to handle design and content – particularly if they are not the same person – must be successful in combining the better parts of both elements to achieve the important goals that have been set forth.

What Constitutes Content?

Typically assumed to consist of mostly articles or other writing, there is a lot more to website content than what is perceived. Images and video are also important inclusions under this category together with catalog pages, shopping carts, feedback pages, polls, and any other information that is presented for users to read or view. This all seems very simple – and it is, at least until it is time to fit all necessary information onto a website and still leave it efficient and functional as well as equally attractive, which are the two main properties of a good website.

Responsive typography is very important component of the site. It’s not just the absolute sizes of your type and spacings that must change as screen sizes shrink; the proportions between them must change as well. I’ve created a simple website where you can check headings sizes and how they respond the the screen size:

The ratio between the body text and headers changes as you move from desktop to tablet and then to smartphone screen. The proportions for H1s reduce from 3ems to 2.5ems to 2ems as the view-ports shrink. H2s – 2.2ems to 2ems to 1.625ems. You can toggle the scale to “Off” to quickly see how bad a single scale looks at various breakpoints.


Single-scale versus adaptive size scale – see how the headings retain their importance but are in better proportion to the small screen.

In some cases it can be easy to incorporate text into a layout so it looks better together; other times, when the development is more customized or innovative, the placement and optimization of all text can be difficult. A joint effort must be given by both sides of the content and design coin, a result must be achieved that handles both aspects.

What Constitutes Design?

Design seems fairly obvious – it is that part of a project where color, shape, and white space come together with other elements and functions to create an attractive visual that is compatible with a specific idea, company, or purpose. Since initial development usually happens before any text has been added, there are times when the inclusion of content does not integrate with the established design – and vice versa. The result can be a website that does not look or function as it was planned – or the design has to be adjusted to work with the content.

Joint Efforts

The first step is for both design and content creators to discuss ideas for the website and then come up with a plan that can take both sides into consideration. Working together allows for a common understanding of how the other side functions which, together with a good understanding of the business itself and its targeted audience, can start to put the puzzle pieces together without sacrificing either appearance, content, function, or optimization.


Once a solid plan has been formed and the design process has started, the creation of content, a marketing and SEO plan must blend into one. Both sides must continue to collaborate on the progress being made by each other and discuss how it is all integrating the design, content, and function. Snags along the way are normal; however, this is also the best time to work out any problems. It is certainly a back-and-forth effort; however, making the effort to work together will yield more favorable end results in all respects.

Both content and design are important for most website projects, so it is vital that both work together from the very beginning stage; goals must be reached and it can be done without sacrificing the important parts of each elements. Goals must be reached – and it can be accomplished with a joint effort. A beautiful website that contains valuable content that is well-presented, both for users and for optimization, is not impossible as long as there is collaboration and cooperation!


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