Greedy-guts pays double price?

25 May 2017

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Or what is the difference between cheap and more expensive website? What is the reason for expensive or high than average price for website development? We can consider different aspects, but the most important reason is time, and as everyone knows- time is money.

Web 1.0

In the 90s many companies started developing websites, the usual standards they had were – Home, About, Services & Contact. Quite easy, right? These websites were usually in a static HTML format and haven’t been changed for years. That time, SEO wasn’t a common thing; nobody paid too much attention to this. No contact forms, just several graphic images and considered “perfectly protected” email addresses, and no JavaScript that times.

Web Upgrade

Time is flowing and things are changing. Nowadays, content is a priority, it is a (king); JavaScript is commonly used and websites are more complicated than ever. The competition is something that drives on everyone, can you imagine that everyone want to be the first one among billions of websites? Where is the Internet…it is everywhere. I would be typing this article in the Bali, and you could be reading it from Norway, how do you like it? Articles made possible by dynamic, database driven content management systems that no longer require a ‘webmaster’ to deploy. The sharp differences between broadcast and web are becoming less and less visible. You might have noticed that almost every form of communication was transferred into websites…Well, of course there will be a competitiveness , because everyone wants to have his or her own.

How much ?

People working in IT companies often face a popular request « Yeah, you know, I want to have something like Ebay, but with all Facebook features, and it should be more like Google». Well, okay…. But then is time to explain people that computer science is complex, and the millions of dollars spent for research and development didn’t went for the drain.

Unfortunately, not all the customers have an idea how much time is needed to develop an amazing website. People just look at the published thought, videos and photos online; it seems to be so easy for them. However, they are wrong. As we can see, technical development and complexities are only continuing to grow. And the developer’s work is not becoming easier whiting times, it is necessary to be aware about all the trends in the IT area, because competitors are always awake.

So, why among all these rivalry, the website development is still expensive? The reason is everyone wants to be different., you will never show up at the party, dressed in the same with everybody else. That is the point of all businesses, to differentiate. You need to impress, you need to dominate others, and then your business will work out.

Concluding, you see that the reason of high prices for website is not somebody’s greediness or desire to make more money, it is simply the time. Developing a great website needs efforts, ideas and a good developer. That is why choosing between cheap and more expensive website, you should remember – greedy-guts pays double price.


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