How to create a profitable mobile APP

16 December 2016

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The greatest chance for success will be achieved by producing a well built development plan that addresses strategy, market research and design.
There are 5 key phases of mobile app creation that can ensure these goals are met successfully.

1. Strategy

At first, research what’s currently available on the market. Define your goals

Researching your idea is the first and the most important stage in any development process.
Start your project by looking into successful/top products in Google Play and Apple Store.

Among over 1.3 million apps there is a high probability to find a similar app. Learn from the competitors’ mistakes.
Every idea can be strengthened in design, functionality, usability, security, and many other parameters, so there are more possibilities than it seems at first glance. Ensure that you have what to offer.

Define your audience

Describe your potential users: their age, profession, ethnicity, gender – the more the better.
Functionality, design, and many other application parameters will greatly depend on those, who will use it.

Identify business model

Around 90% apps produce a profit through in-app purchases. Will your application be commercial, free would you rather have it free at the beginning and paid at a more advanced level? Will It contain advertising?

Get feedback from potential customers

Talk to potential users and ask for their feedback about the idea. Try an interview both friends and unfamiliar people who can give an honest and useful review.

Determine the application’s strengths

How unique is your app? What are the most valued things you propose in it? Your audience will understand the app easier if the app description is sound and clear. The more unique it will be, the more likely customers will be attracted to the app.  

2. Design

At this stage you should focus on the UX: the interface, functions and performance that will ensure usability, quality, convenience of application in real use. Keep in mind, which device will be in user’s hands primarily: a smartphone with a small display or a 12′ tablet.

There are 3 critical questions to answer within this phase:
    • What is the primary use of the application?
    • shopping tool
    • information resource
    • receiving instructions and training
    • entertainment
    • combination of the above
What are the basic functions of your app? How will you define quality performance of your app?

3. Development

  • At first, decide whether you want to develop your app for a specific platform (Android, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry, etc.) or you would rather have it cross platform.
  • On this basis and brief requirements document our team will determine, which set of tools and technologies we need to use for development the application.

4. Marketing

  • Stand out from the crowd. The name of application, it’s description and keywords should be the most appealing and appropriate.
  • Get an account on social networks with the same name as the application. Update content regularly, engage your potential users.
  • Try to get into the reviews of the most popular bloggers and get positive references. Engage users by email, update them on news, special offers, sales and others.
Look widely – you can find an audience anywhere, popular app stores are not the last place for successful marketing.
Be up to date with marketing methods because they are updated frequently.

5.Maintenance & Management

Keep innovating

  • Be attentive to feedbacks from real users, because no app is ever complete.
  • Good idea would be to keep a Backlog with prioritized list of features you want to release in the future
Remember your overall goal: ‘Awesome’ is the word you want users to think of when asked to describe your app.

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