Analysing the Latest Trends in UI/UX Design

10 October 2016

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Advancements in internet technology have led to increased user expectations in online service delivery. This means that users expect better, seamless and more convenient services.

Therefore, UX designers must strive to keep up with latest trends in UI/UX Design 2016 to create more efficient and user-friendly experiences than before. Over the years, we have overseen the transformation of the design from basic rigid interfaces with complex non-diverse options for different users.

Companies strive to keep up with modern user designs to increase the accessibility and the efficiency of the website. The following are the major trends likely to change the face of user design:

Diverse Mobile First Design

Statistics indicate that more people access the internet through their mobile phones than their laptops and desktops. The modernistic design has gained recognition as an efficient, user-friendly design. However, the intricate design had some flaws as it was computer based which consequently made it difficult to use for mobile users using Ios or Android devices. The Mobile first design will be a huge step for UX designers it will help maintain clients at company website by making the interface mobile friendly.

Sticky and Slippy UX

As mentioned above, changes in technology have influenced the development of UX designs especially in enhancing user experience through the company website interface. UI/UX designers have modified their developments into two main categories, screen technology, and wearable technology. For screen technology, the sticky experience is empirical as it maintains client interests through both a user interface and user-content to keep visitors entertained and informed at all times. The slippy UX, on the other hand, is based on creating value by action or user decision such as picking calls and transferring data to other devices.

Flat 2.0 Design

The flat design currently dominates modern UX designs through the use of visual appeal to enhance user experience. However, the Flat 2.0 Design promises to add visual appeal to links and buttons that observe flat design regulations. The design adds to the minimalistic look incorporated in previous designs to beautify the website and subsequently ease the users’ navigation

Split Screen Layout and Personalized User Experience

Integrated internet marketing practices have increasingly led to the need for duality in website functionality. A split screen layout will enable users to benefit from different functions and services offered on the company website. This will help create additional value through retention of visitors. Also, modern 2016 UX designs will be heavily structured around users. This means that users will benefit from additional services such as product suggestions based on initial or previous purchases.

In conclusion I would say that an effective UI/UX design must solely be based on enhancing user experience. All the anticipated additions to previous designs will ensure that the latest design increases value for both users and the respective companies. Therefore, it is important for all UX designers to explore user-based trends and consequently develop futuristic designs that will increase brand visibility, awareness and value to clients.

Advancements in internet technology have led to increased user expectations in online service delivery. This means that users expect better, seamless and more convenient services.


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