Main trends of WWDC 2017

20 June 2017

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Apple conducts WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) in the middle of June every year . Where it shows its products, primarily software. This year they’ve showed several technologies which set the trend for mobile development for 2017. Let’s take a look at some of them in this article!

Augment reality

Not many people had known what AR (augmented reality) was until 2016. But the popularity of Pokemon Go has sparked interest to this technology. AppStore and Google Play were filled up with clones of this game, a large number of similar applications appeared there. According to the Statistica research, AR / VR technologies have quite a lot of potential:

Apple understands the popularity of AR trend, and therefore ARKit technology was introduced. It was designed to introduce augmented reality into commercial products. We decided to try this tool in practice, and here’s what we got:

This technology finds its usage in many areas – from games to sales. This is a new level of visualization of data for a user, which will certainly increase the conversion of your application.

Machine learning

Also, Apple did not forget about the technology of machine learning or “Core ML”. It is based on the principle of empirical data, which was collected by a number of certain experiments.</> Let’s look at practice. Imagine that you have a lot of photos of flowers and all of them have different colors. How can we find red roses among them, for example? At first glance it’s easy – we describe the color and ask the phone to find very red flowers. But the result will be unexpected – instead of roses we will get tulips, peonies and many other incorrect results. How to be?

The solution is very simple. It is enough to show to a certain artificial intelligence quit enough red roses and in this way it will have an opportunity to study how to distinguish them from other flowers. And now the application “Photos” can find only images of red roses in your gallery for you.

This is not a new technology. As an example, you can recollect Prisma, an application that converts ordinary photos into works of art using machine learning. But Apple has created a convenient tool that allows developers to use all of its potential. Now you can add smart search with suggestions for your online store, collect user preferences for its purchases, optimize your workflow through the application. That’s just some of the features of “Core ML. In the near future we will see how these technologies will be applied in real projects, which will entail a new wave of popularity of mobile products. If you are thinking about developing of your own application for your company – it’s good time for it!


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