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12 January 2017

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The world doesn’t stay at one place, it’s constantly progressing. Especially the world of mobile communications. The first mobile phone was made 40 years ago and since then the gadget transformed into a smartphone that performs many functions of a powerful computer. We may have noticed people around who constantly checking their mobile phones, and often it doesn’t matter where they are, sitting in the cafe with friends or spending time with a family, they still looking at their phones! It is so engaging and addictive…

The main reason for this is the fact that mobile phones giving us many opportunities and benefits, the dream is just a tap away! Without smartphones we can’t imagine our life nowadays. According to predictions in technology, in 2017 nearly 269 million people will use mobile apps.

We need to realise how the world has gone mobile, how phones have impacted our life and if we will use the technologies wisely we could achieve so much more on a personal level and professionally.

Currently mobile app development for business has become a general trend. Moreover, custom made application is a must-have if you want to keep up with the industry development, and expand your business.

Mobile apps for business streamline the way your business works. A survey showed that 62 percent of the businesses already had apps or were in the process of building one. What are you waiting for? If you’re small to medium business owner you should seriously consider to get revenue generating app or the app for support and engagement, and boost your business.

So, these are

5 Main Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App:

  1. Improving customer loyalty;
  2. Increasing sales and getting profit;
  3. Getting customers attraction and retention;
  4. Business processes optimization and automation;
  5. Standing above the competitors.
  If you are running a retail shop you would need an m-commerce application even if you have e-commerce website. Customers desire latest information and special offers on mobile websites and m-commerce can provide it. Mobile Commerce will be growing 200% faster then e-commerce in 2017. Global mobile commerce is now 34% of all e-commerce transactions globally. It’s predicted to grow 31% in 2017.

If your app is optimized for the app stores, not only can you attract more sales or downloads, but also direct the traffic to your corporate website. Your mobile app can be the main tool for boosting your website traffic.


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