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3 February 2017

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Perfectorim has several important core values and we call it 5 “P”. Our core values are: 1. Perfection, 2. Promptness, 3. Positiveness, 4. Perseverance, 5. Partnership. Today I’ll describe our first “P” – Perfection… our Perfect Design Process.

We work productively and creatively to achieve a perfect solution

Our general Web Design process include the following steps:

1. Project Definition

We starting with some “soul searching” of your project. We study your current online presence (if any) and find most attractive features or useful information which can be used in re-design process, or discuss the ideas about a brand new project. Most of the clients asking us to revamp their old websites, make it more modern and improve some areas of the site. So we set up a Skype call (in some rare cases it’s all done via emails) and begin the journey from there…

Our Project Manager would listen to the client, ask some questions, write down the information (we also record our Skype calls to make sure all the information is captured), and then PM would send a follow up email with summary of the conversation. In this way a project goals are set, all the information available in one place. Perfectorium uses Trello and Bitrix (online project management platforms) for collaboration within the company and then Designer would join the project, and later on a Developer.

2. Project Scope

Then a project planning begins. It involves determining and documenting a list of project goals, deliverables, tasks, budget and timeframe. Project Manager would create a formal proposal based on the project scope and send it for client’s approval. After proposal is accepted by the client our accountant will create a contract and will issue the invoice. A contract includes what services we’ll be providing to the client. This clearly specifies what work is expected from us and the expectations that our client has set. It will help ensure there aren’t any questions or concerns with the work we’ve complete. In this way we protected from the clients who continue to expand the project during the development lifecycle. I am sure some of you came across such people… Working without a contract can be troublesome and we strongly recommend contracting system to our clients and to other design agencies.

We always ask for a 50% deposit upfront. To us getting a deposit is a sign that the client is just as committed to the project as we are.

3. Site Architecture/Wireframe

The next step in our Web/Mobile App Design process is to create Site Architecture and Wireframes. Perfectorium is very careful with site structure creation, we will create a site that achieves search excellence. Ultimately good site structure means a great user experience. We also create a URL structure that follows the navigation hierarchy. Some sites have very complex navigation and we’ll translate it into user friendly/mobile friendly menu. At the same time our designer will create Wireframes. Putting it in a simple way, Wireframes are the skeleton of the design. Our designer would draw wireframes on the paper or on the white board. They are exploring multiple ideas before selecting the best one.

4. Visual Design

Perfectorium has several designers and illustrators who can create visual design perfectly mixing graphic design and user experience design. We also have in house photo/videographer who can provide any supportive visual materials for the project. Our UI/UX designer focused on communication and incorporates interaction design and user interface design. This is a perfect match because they all work as a team. Visual design is born somewhere in the middle of their collaboration, incorporating static images and visuals with the purpose of improving usability & communication.

At this stage graphic design and interface design sketches, user-tested wireframes and prototypes demonstrating site architecture are ready…

5. Site Development

Site development is the most intricate part of the Web Design process. Our developers are working on interface graphics for page templates, with text, edited and proofread earlier, logotypes, icons, images, header and footer graphics, and backgrounds, interface design and master page grid templates. Functional and logic components of the site include: interaction prototypes, CSS and JavaScript scripts, search engine set and tested. Developers test site on different mobile devises, and different browsers, but the the final testing will be done during the next phase.

6. Site Testing

After the site has been designer and developed, with all content completed and programming finished, it is ready for user testing. We have our own tester and also we use outside testers who are willing to supply useful criticism and report bugs, errors, and critique effectiveness of the site. Only after the site has been carefully tested and refined we’ll transfer the development site to a real URL and make the site accessible to a larger audience.

7. Launch

Splashes of champagne! Your website goes live… You should announce the launch of the website in your newsletter, and do not forget to mention Perfectorium.

8. Site Maintenance

First of all, we always do backups and site archives. Before site goes live we make the final backup and then we do monthly website back ups (if your website is hosted on our servers) for a very symbolic fees. We are happy to maintain a website for you and add new components and content if it’s part of our initial contract. If it is not then we would create a new contract with terms and conditions regarding the site maintenance on an hourly basis. All the functional aspects of your web site need constant attention and ‘polishing’, and we’re happy to take responsibility for updating content. If you have your own editor we would provide 1 hour free tutorial on how to use your website backend and how to manage site’s content. But if you want to save time and focus on your business we are here for you. Perfectorium can update, correct pages, create new web pages as requested, do an image optimization and adding images, videos and animations to your site.

So if you want your web site updated professionally and look always sharp and clean please contact us for a separate quote for a maintenance services.

9. 24/7 Support and Site Marketing

We believe that our clients want to work with us again not because of the work we’ve done on their site, but because of the support we gave them afterwards.

“What I most wanted to avoid were gimmicks, flashing graphics, lengthy searches, unnecessary processing delays, and complex navigations. Perfectorium pulled my requirements together, resulting in an impressive website that exceeded my initial expectations.”

– Keith Nichols (Director, PRISMAR LIMITED, Cambridge, UK)

We offer 24/7 Support to our clients. Do not hesitate to contact our Support Team.

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