Things to consider when you choose landing page project

28 November 2016

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Before starting Landing Page project think in this way: does this type of website will completely satisfy your business needs or other type of web page would be better for you.

“Pros” for Landing Page:

  • You have one specific product or service that need to be sold in short time.
  • You are planning to promote your website via context advertising and/or social networks.
  • You need to attract attention to the proposal right now.
  • It’s planned to collect potential customer’s emails and other data.

“Cons” for Landing Page:

  • You need to sell big amount of goods and services via website
  • You are going to promote the website not only via context advertising but via high-frequency queries too.
  • You are planning often change the content.

Main characteristics of quality Landing page:



  • The main purpose of every Landing page is to convey information concisely. The page should impress during the first 5-7 seconds. In result user should fill out form, leave contacts or do other profitable for business action.
  • Logo, titles, calls-to-action important but not primary information. Their purpose to be capacious, understandable and full of meaning at the same time.


  • The page may contain famous brands you collaborated with, mentions about the company or service in the mass media, demonstrate certificates and awards.


  • User should know what to do without any hesitations. So specify a call to action which really make user click “Order” and leave contact details.
  • Adding countdown banners on Landing page can accelerate time of decision.

Less, faster, better

  • Use a minimum of external links.
  • High quality content. All images, infographics, icons, videos and text should be understandable and useful. Content should demonstrate professionalism but not economy on it.
  • Minimum of scrolling. The page length should be, ideally, no more than 3-4 screens.
  • Test the Landing. Measure time of scrolling the entire page from top to bottom. Delete extra items, make the page simpler. Get rid from watered down content and empty phrases, leave only the most important.

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