3 Proven Methods to Meet Your Target Audience

21 February 2017

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On the project initiation stage the customer and developers meet the highest level of uncertainty. You can agree that not every project would be cost-effective, popular and interesting for end user.

It’s so easy to stop on first 2-3 steps and forget about… the people.

The right project for the right people

Frequent answer to the question “What is your target audience?” is something like “Anyone who is interested in my product or service”. The answer like “Our target is young people in Europe” would be too general to build the right project.

Fear of excluding potential customers – this is the reason of reluctance of target audience researching. The truth is that after defining target audience – sales increases, grows effectiveness and business overall. Because specific focus always better than uncertainty.

How to find your Target Audience?

In this article I propose to review the most popular and proven methods.

1. Market segmentation by Mark Sherrington’s «5W»

Create a spread sheet with the following values in the first column:

What are products/services that you offer?
Who is your consumer?
Why would customers be using your services/buying your products? What is the motivation and the reason?
When does the need for the proposed services/products appear?
Where is the purchase happening?

2. Khramatrix Method

In addition, specify:

The Target Function – key problems and needs that your consumer can resolve with help of your service/product.
The Target Steps – the way user could get what he/she needs (buy/read/other)
Targeted action (Lead) – final stage that allows to evaluate the efficiency (payment/click/other).

3. Create a typical User Profile

Now you can summarise the key aspects of your target audience:

1. Habitation, work location, area of goods/services consumption
2. Gender, age, nationality, marital status, education and profession;
3. Employment status, income and savings
4. Character and temperament, lifestyle, system of values;
5. Loyalty to your company and the brand, the consumption frequency, marketing activities susceptibility.

Defining your real audience will eliminate the possibility of creating a dead project. The research will help managers, developers, designers and other specialists focus not only on creating great project but also on creating the right project.

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