Understanding Social Marketing

3 March 2017

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Today companies have many ways to reach their customers with goods and services, especially through the Internet. With the IT expansion around the world it’s easier to start your own business and communicate with your consumers or partners, but it became extremely competitive at the same time. Just having a pretty website is not enough to help you see any return on investment and promote your business. How can this problem of attracting the clients be solved? And why is it so important?

According to the research of PewResearchCenter 2 of 3 persons in the world have access to the web. And more than 80% of these users own a smartphone due to comScore . It’s a huge audience and companies realize the opportunities the Internet gave them to promote themselves.

But how and where you can find your target audience and get an effective promotion? The answer is simple – it’s social networking. Facebook is the largest network with more than 1,871 million active users, Instagram – more than 600 million, Twitter – 317 million, Pinterest and LinkedIn – over 100 million, data based on Statista .

It’s highly important for a company to create the brand identity and positive association via social media platforms. This brings us to the opportunity of increasing the website traffic and what CMOs value the most — building conversions. To achieve these goals different tools are used and the whole strategy of attracting the clients is called SMM (Social Media Marketing).

For the efficient SMM there are some important things that should be considered:


First of all it is planning. It’s all about planning when we talk about any kind of occupation. With the detailed one it will be much easier to make right research and find precise content ideas. Just follow it step by step to reach the goal.


The basis of SMM is content. If you find the combination of different media such as images, video etc with text-based content, you’ll be impressed with the result. Make sure your ideal customer will find interesting the content you offer.


If you find some wholesome information for your fans or subscribers share it! This will help you to gain followers on your Facebook or Twitter etc, and even get some links in return.

Stay Tuned

Always track competitors to be aware of new trends, key researchers and other valuable information you can use in promotion. Do it better than your rivals!


It’s important to measure all activities and find what makes the difference. You can’t succeed until you track & trace the data and apply different conversion tools. Monitor your campaigns, find what audience is actually searching for.

Facebook Ads, blog or Instagram account etc, companies can be creative on this field and find the best solution to reach the aim of bringing new clients. Thanks to the fact that SMM is cheaper and faster than traditional media advertising, it is a powerful tool for companies, especially SMBs. Such businesses can cater their offers to big audiences all over the world in one moment.

Does company need brand loyalty and customer service? In a present-day digital world is hard to find another strategy more effective than SMM.


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