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What is SEO and Why It Is Important?

21 January 2017 Author:

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a kit, that can help the website owner to drive more traffic to his/her blog or store and to gain more customers, increase the number of sales. Read more →

How to use Modal Pop-ups wisely

17 January 2017 Author:

Modal windows are the web interface elements that require the most reasonable usage among other elements. More and more Pop-ups are used to avoid “uncomfortable” interactions that could occur in web design. Read more →

Getting Better Results With Website Content and Design

1 December 2016 Author:

One of the big challenges in creating a great website that is both attractive and functional is an inherent problem that design and content do not always go hand-in-hand. Read more →

Things to consider when you choose landing page project

28 November 2016 Author:

Before starting Landing Page project think in this way: does this type of website will completely satisfy your business needs or other type of web page would be better for you. Read more →

WordPress vs Bespoke CMS

18 November 2016 Author:

A website is an important tool for every business and enterprise. And surely the owner of a business wants to be able to update the website information himself. Read more →

Stop Hacker! Secure your WordPress website

2 November 2016 Author:

We are sure that a hacker attack on your website after first month of its existence will NOT bring a joy to you! Read more →