What is SEO and Why It Is Important?

21 January 2017

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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a kit, that can help the website owner to drive more traffic to his/her blog or store and to gain more customers, increase the number of sales. SEO also helps to build a user-friendly website, with fast and easy navigation.

“How does it work?” you may ask. Well, we all use most reliable search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. All of them suggest to you lots of search results based on complex algorithms. And these algorithms consider various factors to decide, which website should be shown on the top – first, second, third places and so on.
SEO can give your website and your business an advantage over non-optimized competitor’s web pages and you can rank higher through the search as a result.

There are two main stages in optimization: on-site and off-site SEO. The first stage helps you to make the website user-friendly, and the second one is the set of rules on how the page can rank better and promote your website the right way.
So when you have a content and need to sell something and reach as many people as possible, SEO is an important tool and a huge advantage in competitive environment.

SEO managers usually mark out five main types of tools with different purposes.

Keyword Analysis

The first type is the keyword analysis. The keyword directs search engine user to your site according to its rank or popularity. Thanks to Google AdWords and the way it handles the data it became difficult to achieve effective keyword analysis over the past few years, though it is still a powerful method to increase traffic. Übersuggest or SEMrush are two of the best examples of keyword analysis tools.


It is also important to know your current website ranking. With analysing the search results you can track which of your marketing strategy works better and which details should be improved. The perfect example of such type of analyzing tools are Google Search Console and Authority Labs, that can track and graph different information and turn it into a report.

Content Ideas

Content effectiveness tools help you to identify the stuff, that is working well around a particular topic and is already optimized for search engines. If you are looking for content ideas for your site, the following tools will be essentials. For example, Outdated Content Finder or Buzzsumo will help you to keep the site engaging and interact properly with your audience.

Link Building

Link building tools allow you to make quicker insights on the links you’re checking and find hidden details. They show the vital SEO information about the site you are visiting at the moment and track different indicators. LinkMiner, Buzzstream or Majestic Backlink Analyzer are good solutions for link building and widely used.

Technical SEO

Of course, if you are looking for problem solutions on the back-end of your website or you would like to know some extra functions then you may need more specific and technical SEO tools. For example, WooRank tells you about any ineffectiveness of your site, Screaming Frog scraps the pages and transform the info into spreadsheets with all important information.

Google Analytics, Webmaster and Trends, Adobe Analytics and HitWise – there are so many other tools that can be helpful and effective in SEO. We’ve just listed and shortly described some of them, explaining how each of them can help your website to gain higher rankings and become more popular on the web.

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