WordPress vs Bespoke CMS

18 November 2016

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A website is an important tool for every business and enterprise. And surely the owner of a business wants to be able to update the website information himself.

For these reasons the different content management systems (CMS) were developed to help our clients in reaching their goals.

There are lots of CMS, which are used for different purposes. We are going to show you some examples, such as WordPress and bespoke CMS.

WordPress is a well-known system, almost everybody heard about it. According to sources, WordPress runs more than 25% of all site on the internet nowadays. It is number one open-source system with a huge community of resources behind it. Initially, it was blog platform, but today it has grown to power just every type of website known to man. There is a huge amount of different plugins and themes, that can bring the look you want and give the functionality you need. And this is the reason, why WordPress is one of the best solutions for website development.

On the other hand, clients always can have their own CMS, crafted for their needs exclusively. Custom made system can be a perfect match for your project. But developing such kind of technology has its cons and pros. It can be very expensive, and usually the creating of bespoke CMS is limited by the developer’s knowledge.

One of the most important consideration for every website is the security. As the most popular platform, WordPress is in the risk zone in case of finding out the security hole can damage lots of businesses. Actuallyl, WordPress does a great job of squashing bugs!. WP developers work with authors to keep plugins updated and fix all security issues if any. The bespoke systems are usually unique and it’s hard for bots to hunt them. But they can still be vulnerable because of the third-party scripts, which are used in development. And the developer is the only one, who is responsible for the site security in this case. All these factors put website in a risk to be compromised.


It’s a fact that WordPress is user-friendly. Plugins can add events, shopping carts, photo galleries and other extra features to the website. With custom fields and post types, it’s an easy way to customize WordPress for a specific need and to organize content. The bespoke CMS is usually built by the developers with their own perception of the user-friendly interface. The reason for that is the lack of usability testing, building close-source CMS is just like shooting into the dark. And the developers have to do researches in this area, to make CMS more friendly for user.

There’s a huge number of different themes, tools, and plugins that can be used in WordPress in case if something goes wrong with existing tools or plugins. Some of them can do roughly the same things and easily be integrated into your website, or at least there are options to fix the problem. Finally, it’s doubtful that the WordPress core is going to be closed in near future. With bespoke CMS the developer is limited to a number of tools he can use, what can be troublesome. Another problem can be to transfer your website to another developer. That transition could be costly and programmer can have difficulties to figure out, how this system works and how everything is set up.

The initial cost of development is very important for the project, but  one should always consider advantages and disadvantages of the solution. WordPress gives the opportunity to create a high-quality site that matches clients needs. On the other hand bespoke CMS have a higher value, when you employ experienced developers, and they will test all functions to find the best solution for a user-friendly interface.


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