UI\UX Design

Imagine the Accept Call button on your phone is red. How many times you’ll misclick it? This is the reason why design matters and why good UI/UX will increase the number of your customers.

How will we work?

Both in case of redesign and creating UI/UX from scratch we will have similar steps to find the most suitable, simple and clear solution

Market research

To create an elegant and comprehensive solution we will not only study your data and existing product. We’ll go to the market and analyze similar products, find the best ideas and improve them even more for you.

User flow

Most users have similar flow while using your app. With the special tool we define how the user navigates through the app and make the way to their goals simple and comfy.


For the effective design of the site layout, we will create wireframes that will help determine the place of elements in the layout, depending on how we would like users to perceive information.

Single source of truth

We create a custom, catchy design. Everything related to the product will be redesigned according to this style so that it is easily recognizable and different from the other players in the same niche.

Brand style

We create a unique brand identity or use yours if you have one. 3-4 designers from our team suggest their approaches, and we discuss them together and choose one. Our final goal is to make the design not only look good but to be consistent and to match your brand spirit.

Design development

Here is the key point of our work. Starting from the smallest pieces of the UI, our team combines all the elements to get the ready-to-use design. The mobile version often is a priority as the most widespread platform.

Our main technologies

Final polishing

At the end of these stages, all the elements of design will perfectly work together. We cross-check everything and prepare all source materials. You can use it as soon as receive it.


We make a live prototype of your future project in Figma so that you can navigate it and use it like the real application. This gives you a real experience of the product so that you can feel it the same way as the real users.


First version of the design goes to real users to check if it’s intuitive and clean. UI/UX is modified based on their experience to get the most suitable version.


Now you get it all. We give you a ready-to-use version of the design, optimized for developers and marketing specialists.

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